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Corporate Money Wellness

Are you an HR or Benefits Director, Business Owner, or CFO? Your team is vital to your company’s success! Are you seeing the following from your employees and team members…
  • Increased 401(k) loans OR worse – steeling from their 401(k) and their future
  • Requests for emergency assistance
  • Turnover due to a higher paying job
  • Lack of focus and productivity
The truth is that financial stress impacts your company’s bottom line. People come to work worried about money and not focused on their work responsibilites. When an employee is worried about how their bills are going to get paid they simply aren’t as focused on their job as they should be.  Honestly, can we really blame them?
  • Personal finance is the #1 reported issue causing stress in the workplace
  • 40% of employees admit that stress negatively impacts their productivity
  • 81% of employees say they are interested in receiving financial education and guidance
  • 76% of employers who offer wellness programs say that are effective at improving productivity
Want to quickly poll your own employees?  You can send this link to your employees to a confidential survey you can send to your staff.  We’ll collect the results and send you a report you can share with your management team. (Please email me to be expecting your survey results.)
IMG_6818-2What more and more employers are realizing is that not investing in their employees in the area of financial wellness can cost them thousands of dollars, and that’s why the average return on investment employers are seeing is 5 to 1!
Maybe you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “I already have a financial wellness program.  I offer an investment package for my employees.” That’s great!  Keep it up!  However, research shows us that it’s not enough.
The average person is either not contributing to their 401(k) program or they are engaging in their 401k by default through automatic withdrawal and then going home with their net pay and struggling to make ends meet.  Later, they are coming back for a loan or withdrawal against their 401k.  This is hardly financial wellness.
You need to supplement your awesome investment program with education and behavior training.  You can’t expect someone to manage investments well who can’t manage their budget well.  At the same time it’s about employee morale.
Financial Focus provides a holistic financial wellness program that is uniquely crafted to meet your team’s specific needs.  Are you a regional or national company?  Through my partnership with the My Money Wellness national team of coaches we can provide you one consistent financial wellness program across your varied campuses.

3 Elements…

My Money Wellness is an online, self-paced educational program containing best practices and resources from the Top 40 financial coaches from across the nation.  This program is intended to provide a one-stop-shop resource for financial education through instructional videos, forms, assessments, surveys and much more.  It can be accessed from the comfort of your home and worked on outside the workplace.
Through two one session workshops, Budgeting & Planning For Emergencies and Tackling Debt, Financial Focus can train and equip your entire staff while taking as little time away from work as possible.  This is not your typical financial seminar.  Peppered with videos, group participation, and forms these workshops leave your staff with not just information and education but also having already put into practice what they have learned.
Many employees need more than just a self-paced program or a group workshop.  They need to know someone is there keeping them accountable and walking with them step by step through their transformation.  Financial Focus provides individualized financial coaching for employee’s personal finances to fill this need.  Services are available in several different ways to give people the help they need.

Benefits To Your Business…

  • Reduction in Attrition
  • Stronger Team Building
  • Increased Attendance, Focus, and Production
  • 401(k) Participation

Benefits To Your Team Member…

  • Focused on Job Performance
  • Ability to Participate in Retirement Tools – 401(k)
  • Better Home Life = Better Work Life

Next Steps…

We can tailor a program that fits your company, your team, and your budget to deliver on just what your team needs – peace and a plan for their finances.  You can start here by emailing a request for information and/or learning more about your team’s needs via our confidential survey.