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Challenging financial times have brought about much anxiety and uncertainty. It may not even be the challenging economy that is affecting you, but you just need to find your direction and move forward financially.  Really, you’re working to hard to be living like this and you are ready for a change. Personal finance is an area where most people struggle.  You have now taken the first step in changing your current situation, your career, your financial future – your life. Welcome to Financial Focus.
Are you one of the many families who today are living paycheck to paycheck?  You know it does not make sense and you are really tired of the path you are on. Too many families today are living paycheck to paycheck and now you find yourself there. Everything is for today or, in reality, still paying for yesterday. There seems to be no way to get ahead – until now. It is time to regain focus so you can regain control.
Financial Focus offers one on one, personal, and specific coaching.  Beyond personal finances, we work with you to help your career and your life direction.  We are helping individuals, families, small businesses, churches and others regain focus so that they can regain control. Financial Focus can also help your work team better manage their finances, thru our Money Wellness program, so that they are stronger team members and you have a stronger business. People just need some help and direction. That is what Financial Focus is all about.
Location is not an issue. Whether you live in the Atlanta area or anywhere in the world, we use today’s communication tools to help you wherever you are located.
This website gives you an overview, but the best way to learn what we can do for you is to take advantage of the free, no obligation, consultation.  There are no hooks and no gimmicks –  I want to help you get ahead and the free consult allows you to see how you can do it.  Use this website or call to schedule yours today.
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